A very remote repeater

Critical systems require redundancy. This remote repeater site is a totally self sufficient system that handles wireless networking, UHF and VHF transceivers that are critical to the clients operations. In the event of multiple network failures to buildings or fibre runs and other telemetry, this site can keep all critical systems online indefinitely.

It houses 1600AH of battery storage, 2000 watts solar array, redundant VHF and UHF radio repeaters and a 11kw diesel generator. The system load is approx 200w when the repeaters are transmitting, and at idle about 40 watts.

The 16m tower is extremely stable, and has survived multiple wind events in excess of 150 km/h over the past 12 months. The large dishes are Ubiquiti PB5AC units running at 450Mbps. All routers at this site are Mikrotik Cloud Core routers or RB2011 running off 12v or 24v DC.


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