Tridigital has been managing email hosting and websites for customers since 1997 and currently manage approximately 300 domains / sites.

If you are a current customer and need support, view our online page.

We offer shared and dedicated virtual servers located in Tier 4* datacenters in Australia, Melbourne and Sydney. Shared hosting for basic websites and blogs are available from $24.20 per month.

We also offer the following dedicated virtual machine hosting on super fast SSD drives for customers that want additional speed and protection.
$33 per month 1GB RAM, 30GB SSD and 2TB of data transfer
$44 per month 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD and 3TB of data transfer
$66 per month 4GB RAM, 60GB SSD and 4TB of data transfer

Need bigger, faster, better….. Just ask.

We can happily build your virtual machine to suit your business and also install and configure applications like WordPress, VPN termination in other countries to bypass geoblocking of websites, fault tolerant SQL databases, NGINX high availability web applications with all the security that is required these days. Country blocking, DDOS protection as examples.

*Data Center Tier Ratings

  • Tier 1 Data Center (Basic capacity)
  • Tier 2 Data Center (Redundant capacity components)
  • Tier 3 Data Center (Comprehensive redundancy)
  • Tier 4 Data Center (Fully Fault tolerant)