Vehicle tracker

Custom designed and built embedded micro controller project that tracks and data logs vehicle movements. GPS LCD

Version 1.20 released…!

Based on an Arduino micro controller with 22 tracking/66 acquisition-channel receiver GPS, accelerometer and SD card storage. Optional LCD screen also shown.

System records to SD card every 1 second, the current date and time, Latitude, Longitude, Speed and X, Y and Z Axis vehicle movements (Accelerate, Brake and cornering forces). Unit stores the maximum speed onboard on flash storage, this is displayed during bootup.

The recorded information can easily be mapped using Google Maps API interface to display logged data. First of all, here is a summary showing all data logged over 5 days.

Big map

As you can see by the Google filter applied to the data in the map below, we are only showing points where this vehicle was travelling between 115 km/h and 170 km/h. This was recorded on a closed road under special circumstances.

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 7.13.26 PM

Below are another examples of some logged data near Launceston in Tasmania.

Map 2 Map3

Aside from the logger itself, there is a website under development that allows users of the system to upload their logs, and then share and compare with other people. This will come in handy for competitors of rally’s and Targa’s to see where they are losing time to other competitors.

Naturally this could be used for fleet vehicles, trucks and other company assets to track their movements.

Here is an example of some uploaded logged data in Google Fusion tables for you to play around with….. Clicky clicky here.