Autronic SM4 Dashboard

Autronic Dash Logger

Built for the Autronic SM4 vehicle ECU, this unit displays relevant information on a 20×4 line LCD, 5″ or 7″ TFT Touchscreen display without having to have a laptop in your car.

Serial data is provided by the Autronic serial cable, and information is displayed on the LCD.

5inch display 2Example data that can be displayed;

Battery Voltage 12.5v
Coolant Temp 65.5C
Charge Temp 45.0C
Intake Air Temp 25.0C
Vehicle Speed 120km/h
Throttle Position 50%
AFR 14.7
Engine RPM 5100RPM

Check the following datasheet specification from MRM Racing that explains all available data that is available. Serial Dashboard for Autronic ECU, Datastream 1.09

The SM4 ECU needs to have the O/P Datastream enabled under Menu M6

Units will be available for purchase in due course.