Offsite backup

The Internet at the moment is just too damn expensive, and too damn slow to be an effective tool for backing up your data remotely. Sure, there are products available that allow you to have certain files synced or saved to a remote location (like Carbonite), but what about an image of your server hard disk? Or all your servers?

One option is a commercial agreement between two companies that share a rough geographic location (About 10km apart), that can enter into a mutual agreement to house an offsite server for each other.

A second option, is to house an Disaster Recovery site (DRS) at the house of an employee of the company that has a line of sight to the company office.

In either of these scenarios, a wireless link can offer the throughput to allow full offsite images of computers and servers, that will allow a bare metal recovery of a system in the event of a failure.

Tridigital would be happy to discuss and negotiate a solution that will suit your needs.