IT System Development

The old saying goes, “there are a dozen ways to skin a cat”, and this is true for designing and developing the systems that run your organisation.

Who says you have to buy the $30,000 server to run xyz software? Your current provide is making 15% on whatever the solution they can push you into. The higher the invoice rate, the more margin.
It really annoys me to see so many clients outlaying often 600 to 1000% more, for a solution that they do not really need.

Some facts about our clients:

  1. We have clients that have NO Microsoft computers in their organisation
  2. Some clients workstations are 7 years old, and still running perfectly well
  3. Some clients have Linux servers, some have Novell Netware or Microsoft
  4. A large number have ditched their Cisco Routers and firewalls for devices they can manage themselves
  5. Some clients do not pay 1 cent for their software on servers or workstations
  6. Some are leveraging Cloud Computing, eg Google Apps

Whatever the perceived problem is that you have, or what your current provider tells you that you “Have to have”, or “Have to upgrade to”, get a second or third opinion. Why not?

Tridigital has save many clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, by thinking outside the box. We deploy solutions that YOU can manage and maintain, without having to rely on external support that charges by the hour.