Mikrotik 3G, Couldn’t Start: Unable to acquire port! (6).

Just had a bit of a strange issue connecting a 3G Mikrotik router to Telstra in Australia. Error when trying to do a PPP scan on 3G card: Couldn’t Start: Unable to acquire port! (6)

Resolution is to do the following in Winbox:

1.    In Interfaces, disable the PPPout interface

2.    Open a command shell (New Terminal) and enter the following command:

/port firmware set ignore-directip-modem=yes

3.    Power-cycle the router.

4.    When the device boots, go to Interfaces and select the PPPout interface. Check the following settings: Data channel = 4,  info channel = 3

5.    Now try to assign a port to the PPPout interface.

6.    Click the Info button to check the status of the 3G connection.

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