What should an Electrician perform ?

While electrical problems are often inconvenient, almost all electrical problems require a qualified electrical contractor to solve them in a safe and reliable way.

For your own safety, do not try to do any of the following yourself:

  1. Repair any electrical appliances
  2. Replace a power point or light switch
  3. Change any pre-existing electrical wiring
  4. Install your own electrical wiring
  5. Change a plug on a lead.

These tasks may seem simple enough but without the correct training you will not be aware of all the risks you are exposed to by working with these electrical devices. Electricians are trained to assess the risk of a situation and know where is safe to work and act accordingly, ensuring your safety at all times. Around your home, there are some simple jobs that are safe for you to perform, such as:

  1. Resetting a safety switch or circuit breaker,
  2. Changing an electric light bulb or tube,
  3. Replacing a fuse,
  4. Changing a starter in a fluorescent light fitting.

When you are performing any of these tasks make sure the electricity is turned off and remember to take extreme care because electricity can injure or kill.

Every home should have a safety switch; if your home does not have one, contact us and have one installed as soon as possible. These devices are cheap, simple to install, and save many lives every year.

While using electricity please take care. Use common sense to avoid risk and to remain safe. Do not attempt any electrical work that should be performed by a qualified electrical contractor.

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